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Song Submissions Complete: How this is gonna work.

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Jun. 30th, 2009 | 09:12 pm
posted by: netbug009 in walleve_fans

Sorry I'm a bit late! We had 59 songs suggested! Awesome! This this event shall go for 30 days. And who knows? Is this goes over well I'll probably bring back the leftover songs on the list randomly for some community fun.

So, in a moment, I shall post the first song. A link will be included to the lyrics, and if there is a officially posted music video (some record companies have a YouTube) I'll link to that as well. When the prompt is up, you are free to either post a new entry for anything you create (there will be tags!) or if you feel it's on the small side for that or whatever, reply to the entry with a comment containing it. I'm open.

Let's have for anniversary fun! :D

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