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The WALL-E and EVE (WALLEVE) Fan Community

Welcome to walleve_fans, the first Livejournal community dedicated to the ship WALL-E/EVE! If you are a fan of these two and their beautiful relationship, why not come hang with us? We've got fanworks,


1. When posting fanwork, please give proper warnings. Obviously, you don't need to warn for WALLEVE here, but any other pairings (see rules below) would be appreciated.

2. Both fake cuts and real cuts are allowed, bu please use cuts. Cut all fan fiction and put basic information outside the cut (title,rating,etc). When posting icons, 3 preview icons maximum and the rest under a cut. Anything spoily under a cut. Large images under a cut. You know, the usual system guys. Also, no cutting to friends only entries. No "will be public for 3 days" stuff either. Please, keep it open or don't post it at all. If you REALLY feel uncomfortable with your stuff just out there, you may do a friend's only post in this community.

3. Nothing in this community should be rated higher than ages 13 and up. Discussion, fic, icons, art, anything. Come on guys. It's WALL-E. Let's keep it clean.

4. This community is specifically for the relationship between WALL-E and EVE. It is not a general community for WALL-E OR EVE. It's about them together. Please keep all posts related to their relationship. When posting fics/art, other, secondary pairings are allowed, but WALLEVE should be the main focus of your posting here. For general WALL-E discussion, buy_n_large shall rock your socks.

5. This community is slash (yaoi/yuri) free. This includes fanwork and discussion.

6. In an effort to show our support for the talented artists who made this film, please no linking to pirated versions of the movie or long clips of the movie. Likewise, and I know I'll hear if for this one, I'd like us to respect musicians and not post fanmixes with links to pirate the songs.

7. Please don't spam. It's okay to put multiple fanworks/topics into one post, and it saves space.

8. On the subject of advertising communities here; first off, they must be WALL-E related. Second, only one promotion post per community. If you have already used that post and are really desperate for another promotion, come talk to your friendly neighborhood mod, netbug009 (or at least, she'll be your happy mod if you follow this rule.)

9. Be kind and respectful to all members of the community. We may have debates. We may not like somebody's fic and offer them feedback. That's cool, but disagreement can be handled in a courteous manner. I trust you guys to know the difference between being honest and being a flamer.

10. Please try and tag properly. Sometimes, especially early on, the needed tag may not be available, in which case I'll add it for you, but once it is there, please make use of it.

11. Please respect any crediting guidelines given to you by posters of graphics/moodthemes/etc.

12. Stealing people's artwork/fics/etc will NOT be tolerated. First time warning, second time you're banned. This is a serious issue. Iconists, this goes for you too. Please don't use somebody's fan art to make icons without their permission.

13. While this is intended to be a shipper community, about the romantic relationship between these two characters, you're welcome to come hang if you just like their friendship/the way they interact without romance. However, keep in mind the vast majority of members her are probably gonna be shippers, so if you can't stand them together, she probably is not a good place for you to be.

14. Bashing other pairings = no. We shouldn't be talking about them much anyway, but if it does somehow come up, be polite. Saying "I never understood why people pair up EVE and M-O" is fine. Saying "EV-O STINKS AND THE SHIPPERS ARE IDIOTS" is not. Remember, some people are multishippers. It is possible to like WALLEVE and another pairing that collides with it. Keep that in mind.


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